Phil Stendek

Las Vegas loop artist/variety act Phil Stendek is without a doubt one of the most unique solo performers in the world. He sings and plays musical instruments into a foot-operated recording device called a LoopStation, which enables him to perform as a solo act, yet sound like a full band. His show is a dazzling production involving a myriad of different musical instruments, and it’s a brilliant showcase of Phil Stendek’s award-winning passion for live looping. He plays many styles of music, including funk, reggae, hip hop, blues, and acoustic pop. Musically, Phil Stendek’s sound is diverse, yet rooted in groove-based music similar in sound to acts like The Police, Van Morrison, Bob Marley, Novos Baianos, Jeff Buckley, Larry Coryell, and Yellowjackets. As a live entertainer, his influences sway towards light hearted comedy acts like Benny Hill, Jack Black, Mitch Hedberg, Mr Show, SNL, and Weird Al Yankovic..

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