The Shaun Degraff Band

The definitions of mix and mixture are similar but ultimately different; in a mixture, the combined elements lose their individual identities and are fused, blended, or compounded in the result; in a mix, the elements, though combined, retain their individual identities. The Shaun Degraff Band is neither and both, an artist that melds vintage sound with future technology, slipping in sly remarks, followed by honest appraisal he's a hodgepodge of blithe and backbone. Raised in a small town outside of Las Vegas his formative years were spent listening to 70's style R&B on his dad's radio, or traditional southern gospel at the local LDS church during seminary class; a love for songwriters such as Donnie Hathaway and Otis Redding placed him on the path to becoming the artist he is today. After begging his parents incessantly for a piano, his wish came through in the form of an old out of tune upright; and at fourteen he wrote his first song and started to showcase his gift for storytelling. In high school Shaun Degraff discovered the world of b-boys, as well as the music that served as a backdrop and the foundation for modern hip hop. Clinging to the powerful lyrics and social messages of early hip-hop emcees like Grandmaster Mele-Mel and KRS-1; while simultaneously being exposed to the innovations and synth skills of piano giants like Herbie Hancock and George Duke. Shaun began crafting his unmistakable sound in the studio; from the anthems down to the softest ballad, the mix of feverish, unpredictable, dynamic melodies, and earnest everyday life-ness in his lyrics, create a unique style instantly recognizable to fans. While watching Shaun play it's easy to get caught up in his positive energy and upbeat attitude; whether he's belting out an original, putting a funky spin on a crowd favorite cover, or bantering with the audience until everyone is smiling. That type of whirlwind energy, and the talent to go from Elton John, to Radiohead, to Bill Withers, to Fun. only contributes to a inclusive vibe that gets the crowd singing along like they're in a pub instead of a multimillion dollar property.

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